Pedestrian Traffic Lights

Automatic activation | 360 orientation |audible pedestrian signals-APS

Automatic activation

When a user of Step-Hear app is close to a pedestrian traffic light with APS – the audible signal for red or green light automatically initiates. No need for the blind or visually impaired person to search for a physical button, and no need to press any button in the app.

This is also a solution to reduce noise disturbance in quiet neighborhoods that alternatively silence the audible signals in the evenings.

360 Orientation

Audio description of the junction, the street names and crossing options. " What’s around me? " – audio description of points of interest around the user.

Walk straight

The audible signal on the other side of the crossing is also automatically activated, so the sound indicates to the person with blindness how to walk straight on the crosswalk, instead of drifting dangerously into the dangerous junction.