Step-Hear Devices

Picture Audio sign

Step-Hear Audio sign

Anchor points for the visually impaired. The device can be mounted on buildings or on other landmarks in the public space. It provides pin-point accurate audio-guidance after it is connected to the StepHear –app or the Personal Wrist activator.

Picture Step-Hear Audio sign solar powered

Step-Hear Audio sign solar powered

Identical to the standard unit, except battery is charged by solar panel and can work for 3 days without charging.

Picture Step-Hear Beacon

Step-Hear Beacon

Anchor points for indoors. Whenever a user with Step-Hear App is close, it will receive audio guidance directions via the app.

Picture Call Hear Central unit

Call Hear Central unit

This device combines the set of Call Hear. Devices and the StepHear app and the personal wrist activator.

Picture Call Hear Reception

Call Hear Reception

This device supports the reception in a building. It collects all incoming alerts from the different STEPHEAR devices.

Picture Call-Hear Alert

Call Hear alert

This typical device used in bathrooms to call for assistance can be combined with the StepHear system to alert the reception.

Picture Call-Hear Plates

Call-Hear Plates

These plates can be used to ask for support or like a doorbell. It can be used in combination with the StepHear system.

Picture Step-Hear Audio sign for public transport

Step-Hear Audio sign for public transport

This audio sign is equipped with a cellular connection to real time data of the timetable for public transport. In addition, users can request 360-degree orientation for the surrounding area.

Picture Public transport central unit

Public transport central unit

The Central unit coordinates which audiosign is relevant for the users. It signals the Vehicle computer which doors are requested to open with extra time and requests of users to stop at the next station.

Picture Public transport door unit

Public transport door unit

This audio sign is installed above the doors of the vehicle. It detects the STEP-HEAR users and determines the door closest to passengers indoors and outdoors.

Picture Bus Unit

Bus unit

Through this unit the bus driver receives an indication that someone with disability is waiting at the next stop. Also, it can receive requests of the app users to stop at the next stop.

Picture Step-Hear traffic light activator

Step Hear Traffic light activator

A device in the APS system. Automated activation of the APS system, whenever a user of the Step-Hear app is close by.