Step-Hear App

Get connected to the new level of wayfinding

Step-Hear App

The Step-Hear app is the new platform that will enable visually impaired and blind people get an audio and vibration alert whenever passing by a Step-Hear device. Devices can be installed in private and public locations. On receiving the alert signal by Bluetooth the user presses one of the buttons triggering an audio message giving location, service and navigation instructions.

For more introductions,  User Manual Step-Hear Application

Personal Wrist Activator

The alternative to make use of the Step-Hear devices without using a telephone. Where the StepHear app uses Blue tooth technology and information via the cloud, the Personal Wrist Activator works with RFID technology. This makes it easy to operate the audio beacons and the call-hear system. Additional options such as 360 degree orientation via the cloud or the blue tooth beacons can only be used via the StepHear app.