Our story


The Dutch Step-Hear was kick-started by HTA-Rail and StepHear Israel at the end of 2020. Willard Kamerling, director HTA-Rail was introduced to Yishai Hatzir from StepHear via Akiva Rom, former director Rail of the Ministry of Transport.

The challenge was to install the Step-Hear system on the Jerusalem tram project. The cooperation between the two companies was successful and the idea was raised to introduce the StepHear system in Europe starting in The Netherlands.

Since December 2022, Marc te Riele is the managing director of StepHear Netherlands.


Step Hear ltd from Israel is a subsidiary of Mehalev ("from the Heart"), Israel's leading accessibility provider - with over 20 years of experience in enabling accessibility solutions for a wide range of disabilities and thousands of customers.

Step-Hear startup was founded in 2011 as a pioneer in accessible technology for audio orientation and guidance systems for visual impaired people, providing a solution also for other disabled people.

More than six years of successful implementation of the system- Step-Hear has placed more than 4,000 Audio-signs in Israel and worldwide. The Step-Hear app can be downloaded free of charge and has thousands of users.

Installed in leading Banks, Universities, Supermarkets, Malls, Parks, Tourist Attractions, Hospitals, Government and Municipality Offices etc.

StepHear was awarded by Zero Project with the Innovative practice award in 2019 and was scored by EU-Horizon as high quality project proposal.